International Charitable Foundation “PAREA” - is an international non-governmental organization established in May 2008. International Charitable Foundation “PAREA” is the successor of the “European development” Fund, which has been successfully operating in Ukraine for 10 years. During its existence, the “European Development” Fund charitable foundation cooperated with the Mission of Ukraine under NATO and with the Ukrainian community of Belgium. Organized charitable festivals and fairs, as well as participated in organizing an annual hockey tournament devoted to the memory of V.P. Utkin, the Honored Coach of Ukraine. The fund changes its name and expands its activities to help children, disabled, disadvantaged, and deals with investment in environmental improvement in 2017.

Why our charity fund is called this way? From Greek, “parea” means a group of friends who meet together in order to share their ideas, values, knowledge and philosophy. This name most accurately characterizes our goals and objectives.

Our goals:

  • Implementation of social, humanitarian, financial, economic, institutional European standards and state development in Ukraine.
  • Assistance to children in realizing their opportunities; providing everything needed from travel to the camp to medical care.
  • Assistance and support of the elderly: providing the necessary products and providing housing.

Our main task: assistance in the implementation of charitable projects for the assistance to children, disabled, elderly, attraction of funds for implementation of projects in the field of innovation, health of the country, environmental improvement, deepening of cross-sectoral cooperation between non-governmental organizations.

Our main principles:

  1. Equality;
  2. Integrity;
  3. Organizing;
  4. Openness;
  5. Professionalism;
  6. Relevancy.

International Foundation "PAREA" has been in place for more than 10 years in Ukraine. For our responsibility, many large-scale projects have been launched and exist at the current moment. These projects allow Ukraine to maintain relations with the European countries.

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