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PAREA International Charitable Foundation is an independent international organization that is engaged in the implementation of charitable projects both in Ukraine and abroad, supporting European experience and international standards. The purpose of the projects is to find ways to improve the socio-cultural life of the country, addressing the problems of children at the national and global levels. Our fund has implemented many projects not only in Ukraine but also abroad in support of European integration and implementation of European standards in life. Thanks to the support of these projects, it has become possible to help many people fully live in society and realize their potential. At the moment, our goal is to solve the problems of children, to have happy childhood, a healthy nation, innovation, a clean environment and a happy future.

Our achievements:

  • Organization of Europe Day and charity evenings in Brussel among students.


  • Rising over 1 million UAH for the modernization of diagnostic and manipulative equipment of the hospitals in Pervomaisk, Stakhanov and other cities of Ukraine.


  • Provision the educational institutions of Ukraine with computers, electronic class boards and other equipment in the amount about 700 thousand UAH.


  • Provision the kindergartens with the necessary equipment.


  • Collection of funds for the construction of cities’ streets, restoration of monuments, repair of churches.


  • Support for sports schools and Palaces of Culture. In general, over 700 inventory items were presented to physical education schools.


  • Conducting the XIV Festival of Creativity "Believe in Yourself" for Children and Youth with functional restrictions in the Dniprovskyi district of Kyiv city.


  • Organization of the Charity fair with NATO support to raise funds for the primary needs of orphanages.


Тhe organization has been operating for more than 16 years, has an excellent reputation and plans for development. From the first days of the war, the foundation began to help the military and civilians on a large scale. Thanks to the director of the fund Oleg Lytvynov and philanthropist Oleksandr Pochkun humanitarian aid was provided from the first days to the most affected cities. Thanks to benefactors Oleg Litvinov and Oleksandr Pochkun, the most aid has been provided to Bucha - the most affected area! In April the first humanitarian cargoes for the civilian population and the military were delivered to Bucha!  Fund PAREA cooperates directly with the Bucha Territorial Community!  And is still providing help!

 A little about our life during these 8 months is described below

At this difficult time for Ukraine, the PACEA International Charitable Foundation is doing its best to help all victims of Russian aggression in Ukraine. We organize humanitarian aid for women, children and the elderly.

Since the beginning of the war, our fund has purchased armored vests and military ammunition of Ukrainian production in the amount of about 600,000 hryvnias. With personal funds and investment, our philanthropist Oleksandr Pochkun bought special devices and instruments, military equipment, and dosimeters. 

Our Programs:

  1. The program "Medical care" - the purchase of medical equipment for hospitals and military hospitals, financing operations for children, women, victims of hostilities, repair of hospitals, clinics. Purpose of payment - charitable contribution "Medical care"
  2. The program “Victory of Ukraine”- raising funds for military equipment, optical devices and all needs. Purpose of payment - charitable contribution "Victory of Ukraine"
  3. The program “Reconstruction of Ukraine”- fundraising for the reconstruction of Bucha, Irpen, Gostomel. Borodyanka, villages and settlements of Kyiv region, Ukraine, roads, infrastructure buildings. Purpose of payment - charitable contribution "Reconstruction of Ukraine"
  4. The program "Ukrainian Family" - raising funds for activities to raise family values, raising children in orphanages, children with disabilities and special needs, the work of psychologists and doctors. Purpose of payment - charitable contribution "Ukrainian Family"
  5. The program “Happy Old Age”- fundraising for the construction of homes for the elderly.

Given the above and the difficult time in the fight against Russian military aggression against Ukraine, Executive Director of ICF "PACEA" LITVINOV Oleg organized and carried out work to provide humanitarian assistance to Bucha - Kyiv region, purchase of bulletproof vests, lifeguards and medical equipment for the military, local defense and volunteers.

  Our charitable foundation, headed by the Natalia Gordiuk with the assistance of Kovel and Lviv city councils, as well as Caritas provided food, baby food and personal hygiene products to people who have been forced to leave their homes and temporarily

live in Zhytomyr region. We provided an emergency medical center and provided all the necessary medicines, as well as suture materials to save the lives of the civilians and our heroes who bravely defended the Kyiv and Zhytomyr regions. Our volunteers have already made many trips to Bucha, Zhytomyr and Kyiv regions, helped a lot in Lyubar Korostyshev and nearby villages. 

From the beginning of Russia's military aggression against Ukraine in Lviv region in Sambir, the Executive Director of the Foundation Oleg Litvinov, organized the Fund's aid headquarters in Sambir by themselves. On their own, at their own expense and thanks to the activities of all concerned people, they provide aid and food to the military in the TRD and the Armed Forces. At the same time, volunteers are trying to joke and have set up a museum of "rascist trophies" brought from eastern Ukraine in the fund's office.

On the first days of the war in Sambir, Lviv region, the volunteer point “Mother's Wings. Sambir " was organised. Here, thanks to teachers, parents, residents, migrants and volunteers from the nearby and distant villages, food is prepared and sent to our defenders from the 79th, 80th assault brigades in Mykolayiv region. The girls are preparing food kits for the "Brotherhood" battalion in Kyiv region, for the voluntary formation of the 9th territorial community of Kyiv "TRD Detachment under the President of Ukraine". We invite everyone to join to help volunteers and girls from "Mother's Wings. Sambir ". 

The PAREA Charitable Foundation organized another humanitarian aid trip for our military. This time, the unit of the Brotherhood Battalion received food, hygiene products, various equipment and inventory in accordance with the previously announced needs. This charity event was made possible by the partnership of PAREA with “the Mother Wings volunteer organizations. Sambir”, SZSH № 4 Sambir, Lviv Regional Volunteer Center Plast - NSOU, ROC Maidan (Rochester, USA), Charitable Foundation “Nova Kraina” (Lviv).

We also thank the benefactors Oleksandr Pochkun, Ivan Bychyk and all those who cared for their contribution to making the trip a success.

Thanks to the large-scale, painstaking work of PACEA Executive Director Oleg Litvinov and a solicitor and a lawyer Yuriy Lipenko, who helps the foundation on a volunteer basis, an important mission has been accomplished.

In order to implement the aims of the program "Medical Care" to provide quality medical care to citizens of Ukraine our fund medical device "AR 1000D Arobella" was transferred from the American Foundation "Global Aid Foundation Inc." in the amount of 1 piece, with a total cost of almost 80 thousand dollars.

After negotiations with Yuri Lipenko and Oleg Litvinov, the equipment was handed over to the State Border Guard Service and the head of the service decided to transfer the equipment to the Lviv Military Medical Clinical Center of the State Border Guard Service of Ukraine as charitable medical property. The training for the hospital on the proper use of medical equipment was organized.  

On April 19, PACEA Executive Director Oleh Litvinov met Lyudmyla Zadorozhna, the Head of the Association of Ukrainians Abroad, to discuss the issues as for cooperation and learning the experience in assisting Ukrainians, rebuilding destroyed territories, improving medicine and ensuring Ukraine's prosperity.

Humanitarian help

The first destination was Bucha and  Irpin (Kyiv Oblast). This area continues to recover from the recent Russian invasion. Our partners from the volunteer initiative at the Irpin Children's and Youth Sports School received humanitarian aid for all those in need.

It was difficult to observe during the unloading of the ruins and the fire of the gymnasium and administrative premises. This happened as a result of a direct hit by Russian ammunition.


The city is recovering from past hostilities, peaceful life is being restored. The action was made possible in cooperation with donor organizations "Ukrainian Cultural Center RocMaidan " ( Rochester , USA), NGO "Let's Work Together" (Lviv), Lviv Regional Humanitarian Headquarters, Volunteer Initiative "Mother's Wings. Sambir", directorate and volunteers of the North-West School #4 in Sambir, as well as in cooperation with "Let's act together. Sambirshchyna ". Thanks also to the benefactors Olena Biletska and Marek Kurtytsia (Poland), Oleksandr Galushka from Lviv, deputies of the Lviv Regional Council Rostyslav Dobosh and Zahariy Mylianik.

June 11 sent a humanitarian cargo - aid for people in need and doctors of Kharkiv.

In the shortest possible time, elderly and needy people, mothers and children received individual feminine hygiene kits, bedding, baby diapers and adult and children's hygiene products, children's towels, blankets and blankets, baby items, men's and children's seasonal clothes, children's shoes (sandals, sneakers and rubber boots) and other necessary things.

Health care institutions will receive medical masks and various types of medical gloves.

The action was possible thanks to cooperation with the donors: Lviv Regional Humanitarian Headquarters; NGO "Together we act together" (Lviv); "Let's act together. Sambirshchyna "; RocMaidan Ukrainian Cultural Center (Rochester, USA).

The entire humanitarian package will reach the addressee in the shortest possible time in cooperation with the charity organization BF "Help is me" (Kharkiv).

Effective cooperation of organizations from different regions of Ukraine and from abroad contributes to faster response to the needs of the Ukrainian army and people of vulnerable social layer.



Last week we continued to help our medics. This time - to those people in white coats who care about the health of the future of Ukraine - our children.

We visited the Pediatric Department of the Sambir Hospital, where we handed over to the medical staff and department management the help from donors - the charity organization "Ukrainian Cultural Center RocMaidan (Rochester, USA) and the NGO "Together we act together". These are surgical gowns, medical gloves and masks, baby diapers, wet wipes and other hygiene and medical products.


Hospitals in Sambor were transferred help from donors, the charity organization RocMaidan, to the urology and resuscitation departments: surgical gowns, medical gloves and masks, wet wipes (at the prior request of doctors).

Also, we visited the village. Kulchytsi (Sambirshchyna). They visited the repressed 93-year-old Anna Kulchytska, a veteran of the rebel movement. They provided her with humanitarian aid, as well as temporarily displaced people with children from Kramatorsk and Mykolaiv. Women with children visited our office.

We continue the campaign. We thank the following organizations for their partnership, cooperation and support: RocMaidan ( Rochester , USA), the "Nova Kraina" Charitable Foundation, the NGO "Together We Act Together" and "We Act Together. Sambirshchyna ".


In cooperation with Acting Together and Acting Together, Sambir region held a campaign to help the needy - forcibly resettled people (from Donetsk region, Luhansk region, Mykolaiv region, Kharkiv region), sick and elderly people of our region.

The NGO "Let's Work Together" handed over individual hygiene kits, household items and medical supplies, and the " Parea " Foundation added some medicines to it.

We delivered aid to Strilkivska OTG (community leader and deputy of the local council, Mykola Karuk, an activist of "Let's act together").


They helped the Special Operations Forces unit.

We gave our fighters food products (ready-made and quick-cooking, as well as long-term storage); clothing, sleeping bags, various special devices for improving the effectiveness of combat operations, clothing and hygiene products.

The action became a good example of those active in helping the Armed Forces of Ukraine!


The "PAREA" charitable foundation organized another trip with humanitarian aid for our military.

This time, the unit of the "Brotherhood" battalion received food, hygiene products, various equipment and supplies according to previously announced needs.

This charitable action was made possible thanks to the partnership of "PAREA" with the volunteer organizations "Maternal Wings. Sambir", SZSh No. 4 of Sambir, Lviv regional volunteer center Plast - NSOU, ROC Maidan ( Rochester , USA), BF "Nova Krania" (Lviv).

We also would like to thank the benefactors Oleksandr Pochkun, Ivan Bychyk and everyone else who contributed to the success of the trip.

We are preparing the next humanitarian trip to our military.


Thanks to the financial assistance from the banks of Ukraine to the "PAREA" in the amount of UAH 280,000, a car was purchased for the Separate Center of Special Operations Forces.


Together we are stronger. Together we will defeat the Russian aggressor, drive him out of our Ukrainian land.