Volunteers’Front of the Foundation

  • Volunteers’Front of the Foundation

From the beginning of Russia's military aggression against Ukraine in Lviv region in Sambir, the Executive Director of the Foundation Oleh Litvinov, volunteers together with Chumalo Petro organized the Fund's aid headquarters in Sambirby themselves. On their own, at their own expense and thanks to the activities of all concerned people, they provide aid and food to the military in the TRD and the Armed Forces. At the same time, volunteers are trying to joke and have set up a museum of "rascist trophies" brought from eastern Ukraine in the fund's office.

From the first days of the war at the SGE№4in Sambir, Lviv region, the volunteer point “Mother's Wings. Sambir " was organised. Here, thanks to teachers, parents, residents, migrants and volunteers from the nearby and distant villages, food is prepared and sent to our defenders from the 79th, 80th assault brigades in Mykolayiv region. The girls are preparing food kits for the "Brotherhood" battalion in Kyiv region, for the voluntary formation of the 9th territorial community of Kyiv "TRD Detachment under the President of Ukraine". We invite everyone to join to help volunteers and girls from "Mother's Wings. Sambir ". All the detailed information can be provided by Chumalo Petro 0672821085.