Medical care

  • Medical care

Thanks to the large-scale, painstaking work of PACEA Executive Director Oleg Litvinov and a solicitor and a lawyer Yuriy Lipenko, who helps the foundation on a volunteer basis, an important mission has been accomplished.

In order to implement the aims of the program "Medical Care" to provide quality medical care to citizens of Ukraine our fund medical device "AR 1000D Arobella" was transferred from the American Foundation "Global Aid Foundation Inc." in the amount of 1 piece, with a total cost of almost 80 thousand dollars.

After negotiations with Yuri Lipenko and Oleg Litvinov, the equipment was handed over to the State Border Guard Service and the head of the service decided to transfer the equipment to the Lviv Military Medical Clinical Center of the State Border Guard Service of Ukraine as charitable medical property.

The training for the hospital on the proper use of medical equipment was organized.  

With the joint efforts Ukraine will always be a healthy and strong nation!