Ukraine's place in charity rating 2017

  • Ukraines place in charity rating 2017

Annually the Gallup Institute conducts research on philanthropy in the world and is a World Giving Index (WGI). This year, having interviewed respondents from 139 countries, the Institute has published a rating of countries on activity in the charity sphere.

In 2017, Ukraine took 90th place. Scientists believe that charity in Ukraine, in comparison with past years, has become larger. Of all the respondents, 29% donate funds to charity, and 18% are volunteering.

In the first place was Mianma, who has been leading this rating for the fourth consecutive year. In this country, the index is 91% of donating people. This charity is aimed at helping the monks. Scientists emphasize the fact that the amounts are small but regular.

In addition, in the top ten, besides Myanmar, the following countries were included: Indonesia, Kenya, New Zealand, USA, Australia, Canada, Ireland, OAU, and the Netherlands.

Ukraine has one of the highest ranks among its neighbors. Overtaken Ukraine Romania, which was on the 80th place.

But in the last stages of the rating were Mauritania, Latvia, Serbia, Madagascar, Cambodia, Georgia, Morocco, Lithuania, China and Yemen.