The International Day for Protection of Children is celebrated on the 1st of June

  • The International Day for Protection of Children is celebrated on the 1st of June

The children are our future. For their sake we work and live, make plans and hope for happiness. To let these dreams come true, we, the adults, should surround children with attention and care, form respectful attitude towards achievements of the past, and teach them to be kind and humane. This is a responsible mission of the entire society and of each of us.

Our children represent the future of our country. Assisting multi-child families, orphanages and children that grow up without parental care has always been one of the area of work of the PAREA International Charitable Foundation.

On the eve of the International Day for Protection of Children, PAREA International Charitable Foundation arranges a trip to Plyskiv Psychiatry and Neurology Residential Care Facility (2 Bronitskoho street, Plyskiv village, Pohrybyshchynskyi district, Vinnytsia Region).

Most of the children in this facility are the orphans and half-orphans, children with lifelong disabilities of I and II groups, having profound mental retardation, cerebral palsy and epilepsy. Currently there is a critical need in personal-care products, bedclothes and repairing of boundary fence.

We ask everyone who cares to support funding of this action and join as a volunteer for the trip for doing good with your own hands.

Charitable organization “International Charitable Foundation PAREA”, EDRPOU/DRFO code – 36085801; accounts opened in PJSC CB RIVATBANK: a/c current account 26004052632892 (in UAH)