Paola Geremicca

Paola Geremicca

Paola was born in Italy and has been based in Geneva since 2007 after having lived and worked in several countries around the world.

Combining business acumen with innate leadership and flexibility, Paola has led organizational, resource development, sustainability, advocacy and partnership efforts from local to global scale both in the profit and not for profit sector.

Happy and busy mum of two, she works now as independent consultant accompanying her clients on their journey toward resource mobilization excellence and strategic philanthropy. 

Paola’s passion for connecting donors to the causes they care about led her to work with Victoria to maximize the impact of the PAREA Foundation, to make people aware about the situation of children and women in Eastern Ukraine and to mobilize resources to change the lives of thousands of people living in some of the most challenging situations by providing them the support they need to survive and thrive.

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