Assistance to settlers ATO in sanatorium "Teteriv"

  • Assistance to settlers ATO in sanatorium Teteriv
  • Assistance to settlers ATO in sanatorium Teteriv

On February 19, 2018 with the assistance of PAREA International Charitable Foundation and Charity Fund “Happiness” a visit was made to the place of a temporary stay of the displaced persons from the ATO zone at Teteriv Sanatorium of Korostyshiv District, Zhytomyr Region. At this time, 60 bedding sets, microwave ovens, a washing machine and heaters were purchased and brought to the residents and their families.

However, a great deal of problems remains unresolved: the building requires complete overhaul, installing the drinking water purification system, replacing floor covering in many rooms, installing boilers. I would like to emphasize that people evacuated from Luhansk and Donetsk regions are those injured during hostilities, therefore, any help for them or their children is invaluable. Upon project completion we provide a report to each of the benefactors for the funds spent.

Our details:

CHARITABLE ORGANIZATION “PAREA INTERNATIONAL CHARITABLE FOUNDATION”, EDRPOU/ SRI (State Register of Individuals) code 36085801, the following current accounts: c/a 26004052632892(UAH) 26008052627609(EUR), 26006052628514 USD have been opened in PJSC CB “PRIVATBANK”